COPA Flight 70 Executive

The COPA Flight 70 Executive positions are elected for two year terms on a staggered alternate year basis each January.

Interested in volunteering to assist managing the Flight and organizing events? We can always use more help! Experience is not necessary - we will ensure you are successful in your role. Your help will be appreciated.

Captain (President)

Chairs meetings, oversees the activities of the Flight, liaises with COPA National
Currently Rick N. until January 2025
Email: Captain@Copa70.com

Co-Captain (Vice President)

In the absence of the Captain, chairs Flight and executive meetings, and carries out other duties of the Captain
Assists the Captain overseeing the activities of the Flight
Currently Norm M. until January 2026


Records financial transactions and maintains the books
Writes cheques and performs banking
Maintains the membership list
Currently Wayne E. until January 2026
Email: wellis122@aol.com

Navigator-1 (Communications)

Maintains the web site, forums and electronic communications
Currently Jeff P. until January 2025
Email: BlueSky@copa70.com

Navigator-2 (Secretary)

Records meeting minutes
Prepares agendas for meetings
Bill H. until January 2026

Bombardier (Government Liason)

Advances COPA and Flight 70 general aviation and airport concerns with local, regional, provincial and federal government representatives
Liaises between the Flight and Airport Management and Airport Advisory Committee
Promotes a strong safety culture within our flying community
Currently Randy D. until January 2026

Tail Gunner-1 (Aviation Liason)

Liaises with other aviation organizations: RAA, RCAFA 420 Wing, Ninety-Nines, Air Cadets etc. to enrich the flying experience of all and to advance aviation in the community
Currently Manfred H. until January 2025

Tail Gunner-2 (Activities and Projects)

Assists the executive with activites, especially special projects
Currently Howie S. until January 2025