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The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association is a non-profit organization, that has spent five decades supporting and defending the right of Canadians to enjoy the freedom of flight, and is the recognized voice of general aviation in Canada.

Your membership helps to fund these activities.  The larger our collective group - the stronger our voice.

Since its founding in 1952, COPA has been dedicated to opening doors and removing barriers to the growth of aviation. COPA raises the awareness of important issues facing the flying community, promotes air safety through education, and works to lower the cost of flying.

The COPA Freedom To Fly Fund has been used to successfully defend our right to build and operate airports.  Our membership fees and donations make this possible. 

As a COPA national member you have access to a number of valuable resources, including the monthly magazine and reduced aviation insurance.

We strongly recommend you join COPA National.  You do NOT need to own and aircraft, nor even be a pilot.