2022-01-06 COPA Flight 70 Live Meeting

Thursday January 6th

19:30 Copa Flight 70 in-person meeting at the RCAFA 420 Wing

Duncan Campbell, Manager ATS Learning Delivery, Toronto FIR, Nav Canada will discuss training of air traffic controllers.

All COVID protocols will be strictly adhered to.
In the event Nav Canada has not lifted restrictions on employees by the date of the meeting, this event may be conducted using Zoom.

COPA 70 generally meets on the first Thursday of each month (except summer).
COPA members, pilots, controllers and aviation enthusiasts are all welcome.
Annual membership dues $35.  Visitors and guests welcome without membership.
Location: RCAFA 420 Wing
Fly-ins welcome.  Call the Wing at 905-723-2845 to be shuttled from the airport terminal to the Wing.