COPA 70 Mentor Program

Our Flight offers a mentor program for Pilots-In-Training. To participate, contact:

Rick Nihda, Captain COPA Flight 70

Senior Pilot Mentor Objectives

To take you as a Pilot-In-Training "under their wing" and help provide life-long aviation knowledge and experience.
To allow you to ask questions, learn and absorb information, and to know first hand, the joys and freedoms of flying to destinations and events in a relaxed environment.
To encourage you to become a permanent member of COPA Flight 70 and to engage in the activities and events associated with our Flight.

Pilot-In-Training Objectives

To gain one-on-one attention from a Senior Pilot Mentor, who is a full member of COPA Flight 70.
To have a resource you can call or see when you have questions related to aviation, training, aircraft ownership, trip planning, aviation events, etc.
To have someone who has succeeded with the training process that you can talk with when times get difficult.
The Mentor will be there, not to replace your flight instructor, but as an additional resource that will provide you encouragement and share in your successes.
The Mentor will be another factor that will help you to complete the training process and to keep you flying once your Private Pilot License has been achieved.


Pilots actively training for any rating: recreational or private pilot license, through night, float, commercial, multi, and IFR ratings.

Complimentary Membership

In keeping with the philosophy of COPA National, who offer a free 1 year COPA National membership to students, participation in the Mentor Program entitles you to a 1 year complimentary COPA Flight 70 membership (a $35 value).